Our Philosophy

Open Out’s philosophy is simple: To provide gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender addicts and alcoholics a safe and accepting treatment facility that implements clinically proven methods for treating drug and alcohol addiction.


To be the finest LGBT drug and alcohol treatment company in the United States – The first choice for our gay, lesbian and transgender patients, the medical community and all that aspire to be the very best at what they do.

Promises Made.

Promises Kept.

Our Promise

Open Out is committed to our clients’ successful recovery. If a client happens to relapse and he or she has completed our 90 day program, we offer 30 days of complementary treatment if they choose to return.

Peer Group

In an effort to create a more customized experience for our clients, we provide exclusive peer groups that focus on a diverse choice of topics and issues that are pertinent in LGBT culture.  This allows our clients to form tight-knit bonds with others who are dealing with the same issues and creates a relatable collective consciousness.

Task Model

A common theme among addicts and alcoholics is their inability to control and manage their emotions or deal with the speed bumps that life puts in front of them without self-soothing with drugs and alcohol.  Open Out uses a task model, competency approach to deal specifically with these issues.

Evidence Based

Evidence has shown that a holistic approach in treating drug addicts and alcoholics is a very effective method in lowering relapse rates.  Holistic treatment is designed to focus on healing the whole person physically, mentally, neurologically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.   This approach is especially helpful for LGBT clients who often suffer in many of these areas.