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Where can I find your offices?

500 Gulfstream Blvd

Suite 201

Boynton Beach, FL 33483

Am I Allowed to Bring Money to Treatment?

You are more than welcome to bring money with you to treatment. Your loved ones can also open an account for you at the facility.

Is Open Out State Licensed?

Absolutely! The Florida Department of Children and Families has licensed Open Out for the treatment of people in recovery for substance abuse.

Who are the Staff Members at Open Out?

We have a Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Therapists, and on-site Registered Nurses with many years of experience in the addiction field on our staff.  You can learn more about our staff by visiting https://www.openoutrecovery.com/team-members/ .

Will My Privacy Be Protected?

  • FMLA covers addiction as a medical condition
  • HIPAA protects client confidentiality
  • Your information will only be released with your signed consent, unless required by law.

Do You Take Insurance?

Most major insurance plans are accepted and we offer self-pay and financing options as well.  If you’d like to speak with an admissions manager, you can call them at 844-300-0826, or you can visit https://www.openoutrecovery.com/paying-for-treatment/ for more information.

How Long Will I Be in Treatment?

  • This depends on the individual needs of the client, but our intensive program lasts between 30 and 60 days, typically.
  • We also offer an outpatient program for clients who want a local aftercare program after they graduate.

Can Open Out Guarantee a Client’s Successful Recovery?

Open Out is confident in our quality of treatment. Due to the fact that a successful recovery is dependent upon many factors, we cannot guarantee the outcome of every client. However, we stand by our quality of treatment so much, that we offer a promise to our clients. If the client completes a 90 day program at Open Out and fails to remain clean and sober, we offer the client 30 days of complimentary treatment if they wish to return. Visit https://www.openoutrecovery.com/our-promise/ to learn more about our promise.

Am I Allowed Visitors?

Yes. Family and friends are allowed to visit. In fact, the goal of our Family Program is to include loved ones in the therapy process. Learn more about our Family Program at https://openoutrecovery.co/family-program/. Primary Therapists must approve all client visitors.

Am I Allowed to Smoke?

Absolutely. Clients are allowed to smoke in designated smoking areas around the facility.

What Do I Need To Bring to Treatment?


  • We recommend approximately two-week’s worth of clothing.
  • Casual and comfortable attire for therapy. Clothing that promotes alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, gambling, or anything else deemed inappropriate at the staff’s discretion is not allowed.
  • Jeans, casual slacks, sport shirts, and active wear are examples of appropriate attire.
  • You may bring swimwear, sports-wear, open-shirts, etc. for recreational and fitness activities but are not appropriate for therapy, meetings, or meals and will not be allowed.
  • We recommend closed toed shoes

Other Important Items:

  • A Driver’s License or State-Issued Identification Card and your insurance information.
  • For smokers, bring your own cigarettes. Cartons are recommended.
  • Books, magazines and other reading material.  These materials are subject to review by the staff to be deemed appropriate.


Upon arrival, all clients and their belongings will be examined by our on-site medical staff.  This protects all of our clients against drugs and contraband entering the facility.

What Items are Not Allowed?

  • Any over-the counter medications like Tylenol or Advil, any vitamins, herbs, or nutritional supplements.
  • Razor blades, straight razors, knives, knitting needles, crochet hooks, or metal hairpieces
  • Any products containing aerosol
  • Products that contain alcohol like, perfumes, most mouthwashes, facial toners, aftershave, some lotions with perfume, etc.
  • Any illegal drugs or mood-altering substances.
  • Weapons or firearms
  • Any clothing promoting alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, gambling, or anything that our staff deems inappropriate.Clients have the option to store their valuables in their in-room safe or the safe in the main facility.

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