Family Involvement

An important part of the recovery process for any addict or alcoholic is the involvement of family and loved ones.


Here at Open Out, we believe that incorporating the whole family into the therapy process is crucial to the effectiveness of the client’s treatment program and aftercare.  Family issues tend to be a common theme among LGBT addicts and alcoholics.  Open Out recognizes the sensitivity of these issues and goes to great lengths to help mend these relationships.  The patient’s individual therapist will arrange sessions with the family, either in-person or through video conferencing, to allow the family members to express their personal perceptions of how their loved one’s addiction has affected them.  These sessions also allow the patient to share their own perceptions and to show their family members how much they’ve progressed and grown as a result of getting treatment.  One-on-one sessions with the patient’s therapist are also available to help families learn techniques and actions to take when living with someone in early recovery.  This is designed to help repair broken relationships and make transitions home a smoother and healthier process.

Promises Made.

Promises Kept.

Including Families In Recovery

Initial Contact

To help family members get a clear understanding of the patient’s condition, they will be contacted by their therapist within 48 hours.

Family Education

Therapists will teach families about the disease of addiction and introduce them to local support groups and resources in their area.

Weekly Sessions

Therapists will incorporate weekly sessions with family members in person, whenever possible.  For out-of-state clients, video conferencing is available.

Aftercare Planning

Getting the family involved in the patient’s aftercare plays a vital role in their successful recovery.