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What is the admissions process?

The fact is, you deserve to get help. At Open Out, our goal is to make sure that when you call us, it’s the last call you have to make to find that help. Our admissions managers are waiting for your call and will conduct a short interview and pre-assessment to get to know you or your loved one a little better so we can provide you with care options. If you find that Open Out just isn’t for you, our admissions managers will do what it takes to find another treatment center that will better fit your specific needs. To begin your journey to a brighter future, speak to an Open Out admissions manager today by calling 888-344-6736. We’re here to help you.

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About our admission process

Pre-Admissions Assessment

Whether you’re calling for yourself or a loved one, we will first obtain important information about the potential client and get to know the situation a little better. If you’re calling on someone’s behalf, we will ultimately need to speak to the person seeking treatment to conduct a pre-assessment over the phone.

Insurance / Self Payment

The second step in the admissions process is to check what type of treatment the client’s insurance policy will cover or determine their financial situation if uninsured. Assuming the insurance company is cooperative, we can verify the client’s coverage in a quick and thorough fashion allowing the client to relax and start the recovery process.

Travel Arrangments

After the pre-assessment and insurance/financial verification, the final stage of admitting a patient is to determine how you will get here. We do provide our clients with a free pick-up if they are located near our facility or in a surrounding area.